We are the Rubinoff FurKids, Pixel, Otis and #AngelJinny. We will be telling stories of our lives and our family plus adding our opinions on some stuff. Since I (#AngelJinny) am still the boss of our little pack, I usually have more to say. Mom and Dad will be referred to as "M" and "D", and I will be "Jinny". We hope you will be entertained.

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ABOUT US: JINNY: I was a 16 yr old girl doggy who was rescued by my Mom when my orig Daddy passed away. I was a cocker/lab/chow mix who was the alpha doggy of the family. I went Over The Rainbow Bridge May 16, 2012. My Mama loved me very much. PIXEL: I'm a 9 year old girl lab doggy. My Daddy got me from a nice lady who breeds labby dogs. I'm kinda timid and I LOVE my toys. My favorite hobby is jumping on new people I meet. OTIS: My #AngelJinny sent me to my new furever home from Bichons & Buddies Rescue. I'm a young Poodle mix boy and love to Play, Play and More Play! You can e-mail us at: jinjinpixelr@gmail.com We'd love to read your comments here or by e-mail.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving

We are blessed to be a part of such an amazing, kind and generous anipal community. Happy Thanksgiving efurryBuddy!

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Gift for Robyn Harton & GeorgeTheDuck

Dear Anipals, I have posted the chip-in link to help GeorgeTheDuck 's amazing and wonderful Typist Robyn. She is in dire financial need. Her amazing Jewelry business http://www.crystalsandjewelry.com/index.html is not doing so well.In fact, her business is down almost 70% - partly because she isn't well enough to work the 10+ hours a day as she had been doing and partly just due to our poor economy.

Everyone who's ever been to a #pawpawty and/or #nipclub knows how tirelessly Robyn & George work to help others in need. Now it's our turn to help her.

You can donate on the chip-in here and you can buy her fabulous jewelry. You can also donate some of her jewelry as prizes during the next #pawpawty.

Please read MarioDaCat 's great bloggy for more on this story http://mariodacat.blogspot.com Also please RT if you see our tweets and if you are so inclined you could add this chip-in page to your own bloggy.
Thank you all. PS. I am sorry I cannot seem to get these linky's to work, so you'll need to cut and paste. I'm technologically bloggy challenged!

GeorgeTheDuck's Typist Robin needs our help