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ABOUT US: JINNY: I was a 16 yr old girl doggy who was rescued by my Mom when my orig Daddy passed away. I was a cocker/lab/chow mix who was the alpha doggy of the family. I went Over The Rainbow Bridge May 16, 2012. My Mama loved me very much. PIXEL: I'm a 9 year old girl lab doggy. My Daddy got me from a nice lady who breeds labby dogs. I'm kinda timid and I LOVE my toys. My favorite hobby is jumping on new people I meet. OTIS: My #AngelJinny sent me to my new furever home from Bichons & Buddies Rescue. I'm a young Poodle mix boy and love to Play, Play and More Play! You can e-mail us at: jinjinpixelr@gmail.com We'd love to read your comments here or by e-mail.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To our pal @FrugalDougal. You were the first one to introduce us to the #pawpawties -- about three years ago. Back then it was just @JinJinDoggy and @PixelDoggy. You taught us what it means to help support the helpless rescue animals around the world and to do it with joy. You taught us how to Barktend and to Beg for tips -- all of which went to help support those furry friends. You taught us graciousness and gentleness and humor as we entered this amazing anipal world. This world is a much better place for having you and your amazing Mom Lynn in it. You will always be in our hearts dear Dougal. All our love furever, Pixel, Otis & #AngelJinny


  1. Beautiful post dear friends. WE all loved the Dougal so much and he taught us so much too. And, he's responsible for bringing us all together - all these great friends we have made. Hugs.

  2. Wonderful post from you guys! ;o) Our world is a little emptier today, but the love FD brought us helps us all stand a little taller, a little prouder for all the great things he helped us help him accomplish. His legacy will live on in all of us.

    Hugs for all of you & your mom.

  3. Love your post and I love FD. I know the anipal community will try to keep his vision alive.