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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

JinJin's 14th Birthday

I made it! I'm 14! Last summer when I was so sick Mom wasn't sure I'd still be here, but here I am, still prancing around and being the boss of everybody. Here's what happened: One day I woke up and would not eat. - Me who will eat anything, anytime, anywhere refusing to eat!  I also would not move much. Mama was very worried and took me to the vet. He did lots of tests. Days passed and I was not better. Finally the vet said I had to go to hospital.  They did an MRI (whatever that is) and said I had a BURST GALL BLADDER!  M & D asked the vet if they could save me. The vet said that at my age, there was a 20% chance I would not even survive the surgery. If I did survive that, tho, I had a good chance of getting better. He said if I didn't have the surgery, I'd be gone.  Mama was crying, but they told the surgeon to go ahead and try.  She held my head and looked me straight in the eyes and told me that I had to come back to her. I understood. Then they left me there and a nice lady walked me to a little spot they had for me with a bed and a bowl of water. Next thing I knew, they took me into another room with lots of lights and doctory looking stuff & they shaved my tummy and my paw & put something there & then I fell asleep.
When I woke up oh my did my tummy hurt. Yikes! But the nurses were very nice to me and gave me some pills to feel better. Usually I don't like pills, but I didn't care, I just wanted to feel better.  I slept for a while and then they took me into a room and there were Mama & Daddy! Oh I was happy to see them, but I still hurt alot. It was hard to settle down so they could pet me. I had some rubber thing attached to my tummy and tubes still in my paw. Mama was crying again and I wanted to tell her "See, I made it Mama". They both left after a little while and I went back and slept some more. By the next day I felt a little better but I still wouldn't eat. M & D came twice that day & gave me lots of love and tried to feed me. M & D were still coming twice a day 2 see me & talk to me and finally after a few more days I got hungry and started eating. Then the vet took all the tubes out, put a big cone on my head and sent me home.  Boy, was I happy to be home again. , Mama was still worried about me and she told me that I couldn't see Pixel for a while because she's so big she might accidentally hurt my sore tummy. So, there I was spending what felt like forever  by myself in the laundry room with that big cone on my head and stitches in my tummy. I barked and barked & Mama had to come and sit with me. She told me that all my furriends on twitter were sending their love and healing prayers for me. Some pals were even planning a caper to rescue me from the laundry room! That made me laugh.

Finally they took me back to the hospital, I got my stitches out and I WAS FREE! Free to play with Pixel again, free to go on walkies and free from that humiliating CONE!
So after that, I think I love M & D even more. They spoil me now and I get special attention all the time. The thing is, whenever Mom reads about one of my anipals on twitter becoming ill or crossing the RB, she gets an extra little stab in her tummy, knowing that she came so close to losing me.


  1. Oh my pwecious, da lub of my life, I so glad U made it thru & dat U momma & daddy took such good care of U!

    U such a sweet, kind and generous lady - only good fings should happen to you!

    I just lub U so - and U complete me! To your continued health!


  2. I don't know if you read my story on my blog about how I almost died, but we totally understand that pang your mom gets when reading about other anipals dying because we cut it pretty close too. :(

    But I wanted to comment to let you know I loved your story (especially because you survived) and I'm glad we're friends!

  3. Oh JinJin - I never knew dat story. I'm so very, very happy the vet was able to save you. M and I just love you!

  4. JinJin I iz so happy you stayed strong for your mama and you iz a happy healthy 14 yearz old. *hugs*

  5. Happy Birthday! We hope you had a wonderful day! So glad you are all better now.

  6. So glad you came through that and made it to your 14th birthday. Happy Birthday!

  7. Aww JinJin I had just met you when you had da cone, I new you had been sick, but had no idea how sick you had been,dat vet must be a very good vet indeed I am so glad they saved a great friend like you, an bye da way Happy Birfday!! a little late I no !! HUGS XXxx an many more my gurl !
    Tweetypie/ gunner

  8. We so glad that you made it through we knew you would Momma and I were praying like crazy everyday for you.
    And now you are my sweet fiance. I am so glad your mama had all of us on twitter for her and your dad. My momma knows how special it is.
    Luvems U
    Pierre and Momma