We are the Rubinoff FurKids, Pixel, Otis and #AngelJinny. We will be telling stories of our lives and our family plus adding our opinions on some stuff. Since I (#AngelJinny) am still the boss of our little pack, I usually have more to say. Mom and Dad will be referred to as "M" and "D", and I will be "Jinny". We hope you will be entertained.

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ABOUT US: JINNY: I was a 16 yr old girl doggy who was rescued by my Mom when my orig Daddy passed away. I was a cocker/lab/chow mix who was the alpha doggy of the family. I went Over The Rainbow Bridge May 16, 2012. My Mama loved me very much. PIXEL: I'm a 9 year old girl lab doggy. My Daddy got me from a nice lady who breeds labby dogs. I'm kinda timid and I LOVE my toys. My favorite hobby is jumping on new people I meet. OTIS: My #AngelJinny sent me to my new furever home from Bichons & Buddies Rescue. I'm a young Poodle mix boy and love to Play, Play and More Play! You can e-mail us at: jinjinpixelr@gmail.com We'd love to read your comments here or by e-mail.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing a sweet, happy, healthy New Year dear furriends. May we all be incsribed in the "bark" of life!
Jinny, Pixel & Mama & Daddy


  1. Happy noo year dear Pixel an JinJin an teh hole fambly!

  2. Happy New Year dear friends. Hope it's the bestest ever.

  3. May JinJin, Pixel, and all whom they love be inscribed in the "bark of life". XOXO Chazz & AdoptedMOm